This article outlines a model of Yoga therapy based on the five koshas, or levels of being. By recognizing separation in individuals or groups at the level of the physical body, energetic body, psycho-emotional body,wisdom body, and bliss body, Yoga therapists can facilitate healing at all levels by designing a program of appropriate yogic techniques. A five-step process of development is described, whereby the therapist describes what is happening at each of the levels, looks at areas of separation, examines the role of stress in the separation process at each level, determines factors and yogic techniques to facilitate wellness for this group or individual, and builds a practice or class lesson plan that incorporates the selected yogic techniques.

Successful development of Yoga therapy sessions and classes requires detailed knowledge and understanding of the structure, systems, and functioning of each of thekoshas and the tools provided by Yoga to facilitate healing on all levels. The goal of all Yoga therapy is to create the appropriate environment, conditions, and relationship with the student for optimal health, healing, and awakening. Each student is addressed at the level of his/her own needs whether these be physical, emotional,or spiritual. Ultimately, all healing comes from the realization by the student of his/her own indwelling source or essence. The Yoga therapist facilitates the student's journey toward wholeness by maintaining that connection within him/herself, offering the elements of Yoga most appropriate for the student and maintaining a loving,nonjudgmental space for the student's growth.

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