Low-income, racial-minority, high-risk populations have limited access to evidence-based treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and their acceptance of complementary interventions is unknown. Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY), which has demonstrated efficacy in community samples, has not yet been widely used with ethnic minority low-income individuals. This article presents a culturally tailored version of a TC-TSY intervention delivered as a drop-in service in a public hospital–based clinic to patients with histories of interpersonal violence and suicide attempts. TC-TSY was iteratively tailored to meet the unique clinical needs of individuals within this setting. Group facilitator observations are summarized; they describe a successful initial implementation and culturally informed adaptation of the group intervention. The facilitators’ observations illustrated that group members accepted the integration of this structured, gentle yoga practice into outpatient behavioral health programming and identified site-specific modifications to inform formal study. The process by which TC-TSY was adapted and implemented for Black individuals with a history of interpersonal trauma at risk for suicidal behavior can serve as a guide for tailoring other complementary, integrative interventions to meet the needs of unique clinical settings. This process is offered as a foundation for future systematic testing of this complementary, integrated, culturally adapted trauma therapy in high-risk clinical populations.

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