Concussion imposes a substantial global health burden, and few evidence-based treatments that approach concussion treatment holistically are available. Moreover, early intervention is important before concussion symptoms become chronic and more refractory to treatment. In this pilot study, we evaluated the tolerability of a protocol called Mindfulness and Yoga for Treatment After Concussion (MYTAC), which was specifically designed for individuals with concussion. We also explored the possible benefit of the MYTAC protocol for concussion recovery. Participants were 15–60 years old with recent concussion and had presented to selected practices within a university health system. Participants used the video-based MYTAC protocol for 5 consecutive days and reported concussion symptoms on an abbreviated version of the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool version 3 (SCAT3). We compared the abbreviated SCAT3 scores across the intervention period, including immediately before and after each yoga session, using standard statistical methods for paired data. Of 25 participants enrolled in the study, 15 completed the MYTAC protocol and 1 completed 2 days of the protocol before withdrawing due to worsening symptoms; the remaining 9 participants did not complete the protocol. On average, total abbreviated SCAT3 scores decreased by 9.9 ± 7.6 points, or approximately 50%, over the intervention period (from an initial value of 18.8 ± 6.7 points prior to the yoga protocol).

Although this pilot study had significant methodological limitations, we concluded that the MYTAC protocol had fair tolerability and possibly a beneficial effect on concussion recovery. However, future interventions should evaluate this protocol in larger, more rigorously designed studies.

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