*Chopra's presentation of the body-mind connection provides a context for examining the work of Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D., who has pioneered the application of light and color to healing imbalances in the bodymind.

*The Hakomi method offers a therapeutic system which is a synthesis of other approaches including Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais, Reichian work and NLP. Swami Ajaya, in his comment on the back cover of the book, calls it a 'breakthrough in integrating principles of mediation and holism into psychotherapy."

*These three books by Georg Feuersteinnn—who has been described by Ken Wilber as "a scholar-practitioner of the first magnitude"—constitute a core library on yoga (and more broadly on Hinduism) that will serve most people comprehensively.

The author has been studying and practicing yoga for over 25 years. In these three books we find a scholarly grasp of the facts combined with experiential insight.

*When I was asked to review this book, I wondered why the world needed yet another book about Yoga. As it turn-ed out, I need not have worried at all.

Rodmell Press and author Jean Couch have produced an accessible, helpful and straight forward book about Yoga in twentieth century America.

*It was obvious as I watched this video that Felicity Green is comfortable in her role as teacher in the Iyengar Yoga tradition. She creates an instructive classroom setting with three students, each at a different level of practice (beginning, intermediate and advanced levels), as she guides the viewer through common corrections focusing on basic problems encountered in twelve fundamental asanas.

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