Light emitting diode, LED, has become a popular device for display and lighting applications. Among them, high power LED array modules are especially interested in the field of street light system, recently. High power LED array module is generally consisted of several pieces of LEDs which are mounted on the PCB with the combination of series and parallel circuits according to the designed operating voltage and power consumption, i.e. total wattages. Since the life time expectancy and brightness of LED are greatly influenced by the operation temperature of LED, thermal management technology of LED module including system design, heat transfer and dissipation become a hot issue in these days. In this work, we would like to present several thick film approaches to fabricate thermally efficient high power, i.e. LED array modules with over 50 watts by using different array package design, materials selection and film forming techniques. Here, we will demonstrate 50 watts LED array modules directly coupled with aluminum, copper or silicon heat sinks which operates at 12volts using 4 × 9, 4 pieces of LED in series multiplied by 9 arrays in parallel, LED array circuit. The microstructure of metal-ceramic multilayers and interfaces, and the heat transfer performance of the LED array modules will be presented.

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