The paper discusses the challenges of high temperature electronic design and the solutions offered to designers to build reliable systems for harsh environments. First it explains why robust silicon and packaging technologies are equally important to design and manufacture reliable high temperature integrated circuits (ICs). Applying the necessary qualification procedures is also critical. Finally, understanding high temperature specific systems requirements is also important for high temperature ICs vendors in order to offer the right features and the necessary support. As an example, offering simple functions like transistors, logic gates or amplifiers could look basic but is mandatory to build systems and often neglected by large semiconductor companies. Also, supporting modules manufacturers with a bare die offer is critical because, in some cases, hybrid assemblies are the only way to reach size, temperature and reliability requirements. Finally, for more complex functions, e.g. DC-DC Converters or High Voltage Gate Drivers, offering reference designs taking into account the specificities of high temperature passive and magnetic components is mandatory to support reliable modules or systems design.

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