The presentation of this paper will discuss the expected funding levels from the US Dept. of Energy available for geothermal research. However, at the time this paper submitted for publication at HiTEC, those funding levels have not been publically released.

This paper examines the use of Arduino systems for developing geothermal well monitoring systems and logging tools. The Arduino is a low cost, public domain micro processing system commonly used for teaching machine programming at the high school level. These systems enjoy open domain support and many levels of self-help books. The Arduino enjoys worldwide acceptance for teaching high school students how to build and program robotic machines. The Arduino system is so popular, lists 2,244 “Arduino Kits”. Kits for learning robotics, operating 3D printers, monitoring sensors and other general applications in electronics. This paper examines using the Arduino system for scientific measurement purposes. Two application examples are given: 275°C well monitoring tool interface and a simple, very low cost temperature logging tool. This paper highlights two new Arduino Shield for scientific measurements: a 22Bit ADC and a 12Bit DAC programmable power supply for powering high temperature downhole tools.

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