GE Research has been working on the design, packaging, and testing of SiC Power semiconductors devices at junction temperatures up to 500°C for the past 5 years. Intrinsically, SiC power devices are able to endure and operate reliably at harsh environments. Limiting factors to packaged devices’ operation at high temperature are the contact metallization and packaging. While testing bare die power devices, probe contact resistance was found to be an issue for resistance measurements at very high temperatures. On the backside contact, traditional die attach solders have operational temperature limits. Using insulated metal substrates, sintered die attach, and wedge bond interconnect, GE Research tested its power devices up to 500°C junction temperature. GE Research also demonstrated various junction termination dielectric stackups which can block up to 1000V at 500°C junction and show improvements over traditional organic dielectric options (e.g. Epoxy, Silicone, Polyimide).

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