This paper will describe the use of embedded die technologies for various application fields. The main focus of the paper will be the development work within the European funded project EmPower, which concentrates on power electronic applications.

Here, three different power levels are of interest:

  • 50W single die packages with fast rectifier diodes

  • 500W power modules for electric bicycle application

  • 50kW power modules for HEV and EV application

All three application fields are based on a similar concept. The so called power core provides the base for the package/module. This power core contains the embedded semiconductor(s) and is manufactured using printed circuit board processing on a large panel format of 18 by 24 inches. Electrical contacts to the embedded dies are made by laser drilled micro vias and copper filling. A major advantage of such a direct copper contact, compared to the conventionally used wire bond, is its high reliability and the improved electrical performance. By the reduction of the inductance of these interconnects, switching losses can be reduced significantly, allowing an improved and faster switching.

For the higher power modules additionally thermal management is required. Here a construction of IMS substrates and the power core is chosen. This construction enables a double sided cooling and also the electrical isolation of the module to the cooler. The connection between power core and IMS substrates is made by low temperature and low pressure Ag sintering.

All three applications fields will be described in detail. This will cover the development of the manufacturing process for all three power class demonstrators, as well as detailed structural analysis and reliability testing.

The development work toward highly reliable modules will be discussed in depth.

Finally the resulting demonstrators for 50W, 500W and 50kW power application and their characteristics will be presented in detail.

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