Integrated package technologies continue to be the dominant trend in the electronics packaging industry. In particular, heterogeneous integration of logic and memory or sensing is an enormous growth segment for both mobile electronics and IoT applications.

In the mobile microprocessor segment of the field, the most advanced technologies will be implemented in the early adopter class. New package architectures and interconnect schemes will be vetted and implemented without significant cost pressure, performance is the driver.

In the IoT segment and downstream mobile, however; lower cost alternatives to cutting edge packaging architectures are needed to drive market growth. Sintering pastes offer an opportunity to cost-effectively enable cutting edge 3D package capability for a wider variety of applications.

In this paper we will explore the use of transient liquid phase sintering (TLPS) pastes in package-on-package (POP) schemes for integrated logic with memory or sensing functions in through mold via architectures. Through mold via technology has been well established in the industry and has significantly contributed to the adoption of three dimensional packaging architectures. The advantages of using TLPS pastes in similar structures will be detailed.

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