Disability service providers are often critical sources of guidance for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families. This study examined the extent to which these professionals were familiar with community resources that could help support the inclusion of people with IDD in valued experiences and help meet pressing service needs for families. We surveyed 294 service providers about their familiarity with disability-related resources, their experiences trying to access needed information and resources for their work, and the sources of information they consider most helpful. The degree to which participants were familiar with community resources varied widely across professionals and topic areas. Moreover, more than half of providers indicated they are sometimes or often unable to find needed information or assistance related to serving people with disabilities. The most helpful sources of disability information were said to be internet searches, conferences or workshops, and local/state disability organizations. We address implications for policy, practice, and research aimed at strengthening the pathways through which information is disseminated to individuals with disabilities and their families.

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