When students with extensive support needs (ESN) are included in general education classrooms, they benefit from the expertise of the general education teacher. Despite the central role of the general education teacher in an inclusive classroom, little is known about their perspectives and experiences including students with ESN. The purpose of this study was to investigate general education teachers’ perspectives on inclusive education, how they support students with ESN in their classroom, and experiences that shaped their knowledge of inclusive education. We conducted five focus groups with 16 general education teachers at two elementary schools where all students with disabilities are included in general education classrooms. The general education teachers in this study expressed positive views of inclusive education and advocated for students with ESN to be included in general education classrooms. They supported students with ESN by collaborating with other teachers and providing individualized supports for students. The general education teachers emphasized the role of the school district in shaping the way they provide supports for students with ESN, and they described learning about inclusive education from other teachers. Implications for research and practice are presented and are focused on advancing inclusive education for students with ESN.

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