We thank the following individuals who have served as a Guest Editor or Peer Reviewer for Innovations in Digital Health, Diagnostics, and Biomarkers (IDDB) in the past year (September 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022). There were 24 reviewers and 3 guest editors. The thoughtful contributions of these individuals have helped to make the Journal a success.

Those who are interested in joining our panel of distinguished reviewers, please submit an application online at https://meridian.allenpress.com/innovationsjournals/pages/Become-A-Reviewer.

Guest Editor

Frampton, Dan

Sargsyan, Karine

Vittorio, Orazio

Peer Reviewers

Biga, Ruzica

Chatterjee, Debamita

Cheng, Shujun

Cheong, Io Hong

Cui, Fuqiang

Fachiroh, Jajah

Ferreira da Silva, Renato

Garcia, Debra L.

Hasan, Shamim

Lei, Alice

Liang, Qiuwen

Liu, Ning-Ning

Luciani, Fabio

McGeoch, Ellen

Medina, Plebeian

O'Donoghue, Sean

Sasson, Sarah

Sengupta, Soham

Sultan, Eman

Vu, Hanh

Waters, Shafa

Wei, Luqi

Wong, Soi Po

Xiaoling, Chen

This work is published under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License.