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The Future Labs LIVE congress will take place virtually on June 21st-22nd and focused on how the R&D lab is becoming more connected, digital, and automated. The overarching thematic of the conference is technology-oriented rather than application-focused, bringing together people across industries to tackle common challenges.

Through a mix of case-study presentations, vendor showcases, interactive panels and roundtables we will go beyond talking about what the lab of the future is and show how it can be made a reality. 

Sessions will tackle key tech transformations reshaping the way lab science is carried out, examples in which robotics, co-bots and automated systems are redesigning workflows or how digital transformation initiatives are creating a paradigm shift, from sample handling to data handling. There will also be a focus on sustainability within the lab and we are partnering with MyGreenLab and EGNATON to kick-start positive changes in the lab.

The conference is a place for digital disruptors and scientists to come together with the vendor community and collectively demonstrate where change can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Key speakers include:

  • Joachim Richert, Vice President of the Competence Centre Analytics, BASF
  • Andreas Traube, Head of department, Laboratory Automation and Biomanufacturing Engineering, Fraunhofer IPA
  • Hans Noser, Managing Director, Toolpoint for Lab Sciences
  • Burkhard Schafer, CEO, BSSN
  • Julie Huxley-Jones, Vice President, Research Solutions, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Agathe Koller, Head of Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
  • Patrick Courtney, Leader Laboratory Robotics working group in euRobotics, SiLA Consortium

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