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We thank our industry partners and advertisers for supporting IDDB, and we encourage our readers to explore the latest headlines from these organizations below. 

The Curious 2024 - Future Insight Conference

From July 10th to 11th, the Curious2024 - Future InsightTM Conference  is bringing together some of the world’s brightest Nobel Laureates, scientists, and innovators to present their work and explore the future of science and technology, solving the challenges of today, and enabling the dreams of a better tomorrow.  

Topics covered at the event include:
  • Human health
  • Smart materials
  • Vibrant digital
  • The human mind
  • Life reimagined
  • Renewable energy
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Space flight
  •  and more
 For tickets or more information, please visit Tickets are on sale now!


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