We thank the following individuals who have served as a Guest Editor or Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology in 2020 (January 1 through September 30, 2020). The thoughtful contributions of these editors and reviewers have helped to make the Journal a success.

Those who are interested in joining our panel of distinguished reviewers, please submit an application online at https://meridian.allenpress.com/innovationsjournals-JIPO/pages/become-a-reviewer.

Guest Editors

Basik, Mark

Bilen, Mehmet A.

Chen, Helen

Hajjar, Joud

Jazieh, Abdul Rahman

Loong, Herbert

Massard, Christophe

Pacha, Omar

Sanford, Nina N.

Sheshadri, Ajay


Altan, Mehmet

Arabi, Yaseen

Bhatti, Mohammed T.

Bilen, Mehmet A.

Brown, Jacqueline

Busaidy, Naifa L.

Choi, Yeonjoo

Conley, Anthony

Dumbrava, Ecaterina

Faiz, Saadia

Fortin, Elizabeth

Garcia, Alfonso

Gouda, Mohamed

Granwehr, Bruno P.

Hajeer, Ali

Hegde, Aparna M.

Hershkovitz, Dov

Kato, Shumein

Khair, Tarif

Kim, Sungjune

Kim, Sang

Lazarus, Donald R.

Lopez-Mattei, Juan

Maraka, Stefania

Miller, Ethan

Nazha, Bassel

Ong, Philip

Palaskas, Nicolas

Patel, Ami

Penas-Prado, Marta

Routy, Bertrand

Sagar, Ala Eddin

Salkeni, Mohammed A.

Singh, Sonali

Steffin, David H. M.

Stephen, Bettzy

Subbiah, Vivek

Thein, Kyaw Z.

Wang, Lan

Xu, Mingxuan

Yang, Fei

Yilmaz, Bulent