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Meeting Report April 3 2024
A Systematic Approach to Optimize the Implementation of Precision Oncology in Clinical Practice: A Meeting Proceeding
Research Article April 2 2024
Impact of COVID-19 on Management and Outcomes of Oncology Patients: Results of MENA COVID-19 and Cancer Registry (MCCR)
Research Article March 26 2024
MC-Keyboard: A Practical Phase I Trial Design for Targeted Therapies and Immunotherapies Integrating Multiple-Grade Toxicities
Brief Report March 18 2024
Phase 1 Clinical Trials: Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America
case report March 5 2024
Images in Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology: Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma
case report March 1 2024
Keeping an Eye Out for Immunotherapy Toxicity: A Case of Unilateral Ptosis Caused by Ipilimumab/Nivolumab Therapy
Meeting Report February 8 2024
Abstracts Presented at the 2023 Emirates Oncology Conference
November 17-19, 2023, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Research Article January 20 2024
Assessment of Distinct Gut Microbiome Signatures in a Diverse Cohort of Patients Undergoing Definitive Treatment for Rectal Cancer
case report January 12 2024
Images in Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology: A Case Report of Neurofibromatosis-1
review article January 12 2024
Management of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Infections in Patients with Cancer Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
review article January 8 2024
T cell Immunoglobulin and Mucin Domain Containing Protein 3 (TIM-3) Inhibitors in Oncology Clinical Trials: A Review
review article December 19 2023
Oncology Early-Phase Clinical Trials in the Middle East and North Africa: A Review of the Current Status, Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Directions
review article December 12 2023
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Glioblastoma: A Review on Current State and Future Directions
Research Article November 24 2023
Phase Ib/II Study of Lacnotuzumab in Combination with Spartalizumab in Patients with Advanced Malignancies
editorial October 31 2023
How to Build a Successful Phase I Clinical Trials Unit: Lessons Based on the MD Anderson Cancer Center Experience
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