There is a growing concern regarding the quality of care received by patients with malaria. However, the quality of care provided to children under the age of five who have contracted the disease has yet to receive sufficient attention. Accordingly, we evaluated the quality of care provided to children under five diagnosed with malaria at Princess Marie Louis (PML) Children’s Hospital in Accra, Ghana.


The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of care provided to children under 5 years of age diagnosed with malaria through a quantitative approach via a cross-sectional survey. The study randomly selected 74 staff members and 301 parents whose children received malaria treatment at the PML Children’s Hospital. This research encompassed a descriptive statistical summary and regression analysis.


Healthcare professionals exhibited a relatively high adherence to standard protocols for malaria management. Patient satisfaction was moderate and lower than the national average.


To improve patient satisfaction, an in-depth investigation of innovative and customer-oriented approaches should be conducted.

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