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Research Article July 10 2024
Using the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Tool to Improve the Automatic Stop Order Process
letter July 10 2024
Reply to Blom: Drugs Do Not Work in Patients Who Cannot Tolerate Them
letter July 10 2024
Letter in Response to “Lomitapide: A Medication Use Evaluation and a Formulary Perspective” by Esba and Alharbi
Article Commentary July 10 2024
Patient-Centered Healthcare: From Patient Experience to Human Experience
other June 24 2024
Adopting the “TDODAR” Model to Improve Clinical Decision-Making in Acute and Critical Care Settings
Research Article June 17 2024
Factors Associated with Antidiabetic Medications and Dietary Recommendation Adherence Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Research Article June 17 2024
Transforming Hospital Quality Improvement Through Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence
other May 6 2024
Practical Application for the Theory of Profound Knowledge in a Quality Improvement Project
Research Article May 3 2024
Evaluation of a Risk Screening Checklist for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in a Women and Newborn Hospital
other April 30 2024
Achieving Sustainability of Quality Improvement Projects
Research Article April 30 2024
Exploration of Mental Health and Well-Being of Healthcare Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Research Article April 23 2024
Impact Assessment of Patient Experience Capacity-Building Program Using Kirkpatrick Model for Program Evaluation at a Regional Healthcare System
Research Article April 23 2024
Factors Affecting Pregnancy Complications in Ghana
Brief Report March 15 2024
Obstetric Assistant Pharmacist: Innovative Workforce Solution During Surges in Workforce Shortage and Demand
other February 28 2024
Using Incident Reporting Systems to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Care
Research Article February 28 2024
Assessment of Healthcare Quality Provided to Children with Malaria in Ghana
Research Article February 26 2024
Quality Health Services for Adolescents: Assessing Awareness and Use of Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Services in Keta, Ghana
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