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  1. Your role is to review the content, but please let us know if there are language / grammar problems that distract your attention.
  2. Please separate your comments into major and minor concerns. A list of points to consider are included below to guide your evaluation. Please know that your comments to the editor are confidential and will not be shared with the author without your permission.
  3. Before submitting your review, please ensure your comments are clear and free of typographical and grammatical errors.
  4. You can also upload a PDF or word document with comments. To do this, use the 'Upload Reviewer Attachments' button on the recommendation screen. IMPORTANT: If you decide to edit the pdf, please ensure your name is not displayed in the pdf comments.
  5. Please complete your review on time.

For more tips, please watch this video:


  1. Do you have any conflicts of interest related to this manuscript?
  2. Is the title informative, appropriate, and not misleading?
  3. Does the abstract represent the most important content of all the main sections?
  4. Does the introduction clearly justify and define the objectives (i.e., main question or hypothesis)?
  5. Has the methodology been clearly described: study period, duration, type of study, population details, inclusion/exclusion criteria?
  6. Are the details of consent and ethics clearance mentioned (if applicable)?
  7. Are the data analysis methods described clearly and completely?
  8. Do you believe the results are valid?
  9. Is the discussion relevant and comprehensive?
  10. Are the conclusions based on evidence presented in the manuscript?
  11. Have the authors followed the appropriate reporting guidelines per journal instructions?
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