As Editor-in-Chief, International Surgery, I dedicate this editorial letter to those many thousands of persons around the world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. International Surgery staff conveys condolences to the 350,000 plus persons globally who have died from the virus. We stand in solidarity with those families of the victims of the coronavirus. We stand in solidarity with all of the courageous front-line health professionals battling the pandemic day in and day out. The global fear and uncertainties that are now prevalent must be addressed with an urgent timeline.

International Surgery pledges to work together with other organizations fostering collaborative teamwork in developing and sharing data, and in sponsoring open, clear, and transparent communications. Building public trust in research on a sustainable, ongoing basis is absolutely critical to overcome the global fear and uncertainty that pervades the thinking of everyone, particularly those most vulnerable.

International Surgery staff encourages authors conducting scientific, medical research related to COVID-19 to submit your manuscripts to International Surgery for consideration and peer review. We pledge to expedite the review of these manuscripts with the goal of communicating your research findings to the world at large as soon as possible.

As the Editor in Chief of International Surgery, I pledge to work collaboratively with authors who submit manuscripts and to do everything reasonably possible to expedite publishing your research findings following successful peer review. Together, we can and will defeat COVID-19.


Christopher Chen


International Surgery