Diastasis recti abdominis is a condition defined as the separation between the rectus abdominis and the linea alba, which leads to weakness in the abdominal muscles. Diastasis may be slight or severe, sometimes resulting in herniation of the abdominal viscera. Following childbirth, most women develop some extent of muscle separation in the postpartum period. However, if the diastasis recti abdominis in the postpartum period remain severe, it should be corrected to prevent concurrent abdominal hernia, strangulation or incarceration. We herein present two Korean cases of postpartum women with severe diastasis recti abdominis with abdominal hernia; it is the first report of its kind from Korea. Two women were referred to our clinic with severe abdominal bulge. Computerized tomography scan showed widening of the linea alba with abdominal hernia. The standard abdominoplasty with multiple wide longitudinal plications of the abdominal wall was performed in each patient under general anesthesia. There was no recurrence of diastasis recti abdominis or abdominal hernia during follow-up periods. The application of abdominoplasty in postpartum women with severe diastasis recti abdominis with abdominal hernia is thus considered to be an efficient management option. We hope these cases can provide a reference for the treatment of similar situations.

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