As Editor-in-Chief, I dedicate this editorial letter to the future of International Surgery. Scientific and medical information has no value without dissemination. Dissemination of peer reviewed manuscripts is the purpose of International Surgery.

The editorial function and peer review process are critical to scientific medical publishing, which influences the quality of published manuscripts. My staff and I emphasize the importance of the peer review process and use multiple peer reviewers per manuscript. When our peer reviewers determine that improvements may be made in reference to any particular manuscript, we return the manuscript to the author(s) with suggested improvements. We work closely with authors with the goal to improve the quality of the manuscript via peer review and expand knowledge in the scientific medical field. Assisting authors will continue to be the focus of International Surgery in the future.

Beginning in May 2017, only approved open access manuscripts are published by International Surgery. This action favors authors who need to have their manuscripts quickly published and disseminated to a large internet field of readers. This will continue to be emphasized in the future.

International Surgery editorial staff will continue to remain in step with change in the scientific medical publishing field in optimally serving authors of approved peer review manuscripts by publishing as quickly as possible. Authors of manuscripts will continue to be given priority consideration throughout the publishing process of International Surgery. The future of International Surgery is assured.

I welcome any questions or comments that you may have.


Christopher Chen


International Surgery