As Editor-in-Chief of International Surgery, I take this opportunity to thank those who submitted manuscripts to International Surgery in 2021, as well as those authors who submitted manuscripts in earlier years, to those who provided peer reviews, to our publisher, to our Associate Editors, to the members of our Editorial Board, and to our staff.

During the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we prevailed and continued our publishing process. We made significant changes and improvements to the process, including publishing quarterly on-time, up-to-date issues with current manuscripts. We committed to significantly reducing the time from initial receipt of a manuscript through peer review, and if peer-review approved, to online first publishing through final publishing. We committed to shortening this time span and to being one of the very best in the global scientific medical publishing field. We have and continue to fulfill these commitments.

As a result, we now provide authors an even better opportunity via open access internet global coverage to receive early questions and observations from readers. This enhances the value of the scientific findings and the reputation of authors.

We send very best wishes to all International Surgery stakeholders for a productive, safe, and healthy New Year. We will continue to make added improvements in the International Surgery publishing process throughout 2022 and years beyond.

I welcome any questions or comments that you may have.


Professor Christopher Chen


International Surgery