As Editor-in-Chief of International Surgery, I take this opportunity to address ongoing changes being made in reference to International Surgery, the official Journal of the International College of Surgeons, which began publishing eighty-four years ago in calendar year 1938. Over 200 surgical Journals are published on a worldwide basis, and the competition for receiving, peer reviewing, and publishing scientific and medical manuscripts is intense.

Beginning in May 2017, only approved open access manuscripts are published by International Surgery. This action favors authors who need to have their manuscripts quickly published and disseminated to a large field of readers. We commit to significantly reducing the time from initial receipt of a manuscript through peer review, and if peer review approved, to online first publishing through final publishing.

We commit to International Surgery being one of the very best in the global scientific medical publishing field. This is the competitive edge of International Surgery. Our manuscript publishing fees are very reasonable.

We ask that you consider publishing your manuscripts in International Surgery. To send your manuscripts to International Surgery, please click on Should you have any questions, please contact the Managing Director, International Surgery, at

I welcome any questions or comments that you may have.


Professor Christopher Chen


International Surgery