As Editor-in-Chief of International Surgery, I address the importance of the International Surgery Editorial Board. International Surgery has been published since 1938 and has always been the beneficiary of excellent members of the Editorial Board. As the scientific and medical publishing norms and standards change over time, so the nature of the members of the International Surgery Editorial Board must also change. Content, peer review procedures, ethics, frequency of publishing, and in general, optimizing the dissemination of scientific and medical information in an efficient manner is the overall goal and mission of the Editorial Board of International Surgery.

The International College of Surgeons is a legal federation of independently incorporated entities in many countries with agreement to be part of an overall world entity named the International College of Surgeons. Each country Section has leadership with the authority to make judgments to carry out programs and activities. One opportunity is to encourage ICS Fellows in each Section to publish peer-reviewed manuscripts in International Surgery. Members of the International Surgery Editorial Board can greatly facilitate the publishing by Section based Fellows in International Surgery.

International Surgery is the official journal of the International College of Surgeons and is intended to serve ICS Fellows. To avoid misunderstandings, International Surgery is always completely open to publishing peer-reviewed and approved manuscripts submitted by non-Fellows of the ICS, which has always been and will continue to be the case.

I welcome any questions or comments that you may have.


Professor Christopher Chen


International Surgery