Abstract Background Blunt trauma is the most common mechanism of injury in the geriatric population. The benefits of computed tomography (CT) scanning have demonstrated improved outcomes for blunt trauma patients with head injuries. Aim The purpose of our study is to evaluate the clinical value of utilizing a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis on geriatric blunt trauma patients on antiplatelet/anticoagulation (AP/AC) therapy. Methods A retrospective study reviewing geriatric patients admitted to our urban level one trauma center from December 2012 to September 2014 was performed. The inclusion criteria for the study included patients older than 65 years of age, admission after a blunt trauma, and on AP/AC therapy. Results Male and female patients with dementia were more likely to have a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis (P=0.002, P=1x10-6, respectively). There was no statistical significance in the difference in outcomes between the demented patients who received a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis and the ones who did not. Conclusion Our study demonstrated that there is no benefit in terms of length of stay, morbidity, or mortality regardless of gender after a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis.

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