Purpose. AFP-producing gastric cancer is a distinct type of gastric cancer and has a high incidence of liver metastasis. c-Met is considered to play an important role in liver metastasis of gastric cancer. The purpose of this study is to compare the expression of c-Met in AFP-producing gastric cancer and gastric cancers not producing AFP. Methods. 23 patients with AFP-producing gastric cancers[AFP(+)] and 18 gastric cancer patients without AFP production[AFP(-)] were evaluated for c-Met expression using immunohistochemical analysis. Results. The frequencies of c-Met expression in two groups are the same (p>0.05), but AFP(+) group has a much higher strong positive rate of c-Met expression than AFP(-) group (p<0.01). Conclusion. The higher expression of c-Met might be the reason for the high incidence of liver metastasis of AFP-producing gastric cancer.

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