Objective: Analysis of nutrition support in a group of patients undergoing colorectal surgery managed by nutritional requirement software compared to a group of consecutive patients undergoing colorectal surgery with conventional nutrition Material and Methods:485 patients were treated between January 2000 and January 2013 with colorectal resection. Outcomes (mortality, morbidity according to Clavien classification (CC),length of hospital stay, type of colorectal disease) in a group of patients that received nutrition support through software (SG), were compared to those in a previous series, control group (CG) with conventional nutrition support Results:There were 59.6% men and the median age of the population was 68.2(19-95)years,with no difference between the two groups. There were significantly more malnourished patients in the SG group (SG 63.8% vs 45.2% GC;p<0.0001).The overall mortality was 2.1% lower in the SG group, but without significant difference (SG 0.7%vs2.7% GC). There were more severe stage III-IV complications according to CC in the SG group (SG 10.7GC vs17% NS); with significantly greater collections (SG 8%vs16.9% GC p=0.015) and greater anastomotic leaks (SG 4%vs13.9% GC p <0.001).The median hospital stay was lower in the SG group (SG 12vs15 days,p=0.049).Conclusion the proposed software could contribute to optimizing the strategy of nutritional support in hospitalized patients.

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