Introduction Mesenteric lymphatic malformations (MLMs) are rare, the most common etiology being benign proliferation of ectopic lymphatics in the mesentery, with these lymphatics lacking communication with the remainder of the lymphatic system. Case presentation The medical records of seven patients treated for MLMs at our center between 2001 and 2015 were reviewed. The seven patients included four boys and three girls of median age 96 months (range 4-161 months). The main symptoms were abdominal pain in five patients, fever in two, and vomiting in two. Four of the five patients with abdominal pain had elevated inflammatory reactions. Five patients had abdominal masses, and two had asymptomatic abdominal masses incidentally diagnosed during infant health checkups. Of the four patients with elevated inflammatory reactions, two required emergency surgery and the other two underwent surgery after antibiotic treatment. MLMs were located in the jejunal mesentery of three patients, in the ileal mesentery in three, and in the transverse mesocolon in one. Surgical procedures included excision of the MLMs and adjacent segment of the intestine in four patients and cystectomy in three. No patient experienced recurrence of MLM. Conclusions Clinical features of MLMs can vary from asymptomatic to acute abdominal pain and may affect adjacent organs. MLM should be treated surgically before it can cause serious complications. Key words: Mesenteric lymphatic malformation, Abdominal cystic lesion, Pediatrics

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