Abstract Background: Approximately 30–40 % of all retroperitoneal soft tissue tumors are sarcomas with liposarcoma prevailing in approximately 50% of these cases. Retroperitoneal liposarcomas typically show a high rate of local recurrence and late distant metastases. The aim of our retrospective analysis was to investigate the efficacy of treatment in our patients with liposarcoma. Methods: Thirty-four consecutive patients underwent surgery in our clinic between October 2004 and November 2017. Liposarcomas arising from the mesenteric or abdominal adipose tissue or the pelvis were excluded. In 2011 we had introduced neo-adjuvant therapy according to IAWS-Guidelines in patients younger than seventy without severe comorbidities to pretreatement. Results: Out of 34 patients, 23 (67,6%) presented with primary and 11 (32,4%) with recurrent disease. In 8 of the 27 patients (30 %), a radical resection (R0) could be achieved, and in 17 patients (63%) resection was marginal (R1). Time to recurrence was not affected by neoadjuvant radiotherapy. Patients that underwent systemic chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy developed earlier recurrences (p = 0.016). Overall survival appeared to be better in the neoadjuvant group but was not significant (0.080) Conclusions: Combining surgical resection with neoadjuvant radiation treatment showed survival benefits in primary but not recurrent disease. Repeated surgery stays a valid approach in carefully selected patients but all patients should be referred to a center of expertise in multimodal treatment approaches for retroperitoneal liposarcomas.

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