This paper discusses basic performances of the steam jet suction device and its potential application to the spilled oil recovery. The experiments were carried out on suction and ejection performance of the steam-driven jet pump as well as its other benefits such as breaking emulsion or an application to a beach cleaning device. The paper additionally includes some basic topics related to the process of emulsion breaking by surface active agents. The main conclusions of the study are (1) A steam-jet pump is basically suitable to recover and transfer high viscosity spilled oil because it realizes large suction power as well as very rapid heating which resolves the difficulty related to the high viscosity caused by the emulsification, (2) A steam-jet pump is also available for reforming the nature of the spilled oil. Emulsion breaking was observed to a considerable extent even without chemical agent, (3) A steam-jet pump has a potential application to a beach cleaning equipment. The steam-driven jet pump is available for sucking well not only liquid but also sand slurry and simultaneously has some side effect that separates oil from oiled-sand very rapidly. The steam-driven jet pump will play an important roll to respond to the high viscous emulsified oil pollution.

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