The results of a program carried out by JBF Scientific Corporation for the American Petroleum Institute are presented. The object of the program was to demonstrate and test a spilled-oil recovery system under offshore conditions.

A unique feature of the system is a complete remote control capability. The operator may be located on board a much larger support vessel where the sea conditions do not reduce his effectiveness. By a hard-wire umbilical, he can remotely operate all systems of the skimmer including steering, propulsion, collection belt, and oil transfer pump. Collected oil may be pumped from the skimmer to the support vessel when the skimmer's capacity of 1,000 gallons has been exceeded.

The skimmer was designed and built in accordance with the Coast Guard's Tank Vessel Regulations. It is certified to handle Class flammable liquids.

The tests successfully demonstrated the recovery of oil in sea state 3 using a relatively small unmanned skimmer in remote control. Results of these tests, along with photographs and design information, are presented in the paper. Along with the paper, a documentary film of the test program will be presented at the conference.

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