The training of a spilled oil cleanup response team is not an enormous, out-of-control, expensive, or excessively time-consuming undertaking. It requires five steps which, if carefully worked out and agreed to by the parties involved, can be done in four to eight hours per man. It can be completed in approximately three months for a team numbering 300 persons (less time for a smaller team).

The major steps are:

  1. A printed organization chart of the response team showing all job titles and who relates to whom.

  2. A formal and detailed job description of each job.

  3. A series of 10–15 action objectives for each man assigned to each job to reach during his training session and after the training session on his own.

  4. A four-hour or two four-hour seminars for each job where all objectives are met and accomplished by every participant. Each participant should use all required training tools and techniques including projectors, pictures, models, chalkboard, actual cleanup equipment, radios, personal experience, etc.

  5. A call out and a practice session where all members of the team practice their skills in the field.

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