Training techniques will vary with the type organization, the geographical location, the subject area, and the organizational involvement.

This paper is concerned with the control and containment training techniques evolved by a manufacturing facility, located on an inland stream, for its operating personnel This facility, with an oil storage capacity of over 22 million liters (6 million gallons), improves its oil handling and storage abilities by providing stream preservation training for some 200 persons. (Stream preservation training denotes a positive attitude towards oil spill cleanup.) Trainees were maintenance, powerhouse, oil stores, and plant engineering personnel. The objectives were to provide background information and training in techniques needed for spill cleanup. The specific employee behavioral objectives were to make proper notification of an oil spill, to select and use the proper methods of containment and collection, and to learn on-site public relations response. Training was by lecture, including management overview, by demonstration, and by field practice, including oil removal from a test pool, communications, and small boat handling. Evaluation was designed to stress important points covered and to provide feedback on the degree behavioral objectives were achieved.

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