The On-Scene-Spill Model (OSCM) is a portable, interactive, environmental simulation system for the rapid modeling of pollutant trajectories in the marine environment. Inputs to the OSSM include the physical locations of the spill, coastal outlines, bathymetry, oceanographic and meteorological observations, and other environmental data. The output from this model consists of both Calcomp and printer graphics, summaries of initialized data, and checkpoint files. The user can request detailed information about data and model parameters. Typical initialization setup time is about 3 hours.

The model can be run in different modes depending on the data bases used, including a climatological mode to assess long-term transport, a tactical mode to assess short-term transport, and a receptor mode. It allows the user to utilize variable time and space scales to resolve the physical transport processes, consistent with available data. This is accomplished by the use of multiple embedded submodels in the main model.

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