Ship Escort Response Vessel System (SERVS) has a large contingency of fishing vessels, from Alaska coastal communities, on contract for specialized oil spill response. To Hazwoper train this vast, mobile and changing work force meant a 24-hour Hazwoper class and yearly refreshers for all crewmembers. SERVS found it difficult to keep records current on this mobile workforce. Federal Occupational Safety Health Association (OSHA) and SERVS made an alliance allowing SERVS to teach 24-hour Marine Hazwoper. The 24-hour Marine Hazwoper format keeps the fishermen current each year without the annual refresher or the detailed tracking of the 24-hour Hazwoper. The 24-hour Marine Hazwoper gives SERVS the flexibility to meet our Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 1910 training demands and to directly structure the skills training.

SERVS wanted to develop a training program, which met Federal Regulations, was easy to track, and maintained a well-trained fishing vessel fleet.

SERVS, Federal and Alaska State OSHA developed a training regiment for SERVS and the Fishing Vessel Program. During the annual Fishing Vessel Training each spring and fall the fishermen are given 5 hours of classroom training. Four hours are devoted to regulatory requirements related to spills. The fifth hour builds on training they have already had or on a new subject. The remaining 20 hours are spent on water, training the fishing fleet in oil spill tactics. SERVS has two methods of checking the fleet's proficiency. The Equipment Proficiency Matrix allows SERVS to keep a detailed accounting of the equipment each fishing vessel/fishermen has operated. The Hazwoper Evaluation Matrix allows SERVS to evaluate each unit in the various on-water activities, assuring compliance with OSHA. The first roll out of 24 Hour Marine Hazwoper was Fall 2003. It successfully met the requirements of CFR 1910.

The 24 Hour Marine Hazwoper could be the answer to compliance of Federal Regulation for many organizations and companies, which are challenged by a mobile and changing workforce. The 24 Hour Marine Hazwoper meets the needs of SERVS vast, mobile and changing fishing vessel fleet, which keeps our Fishing Vessel Program in compliance.

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