Crude oil exploration and production in Niger Delta area of Nigeria started over fifty (50) years ago, and had brought with it several cases of oil pollution which as well as other human activities have resulted in devastation of the ecological landscape leading to depletion of natural resources, a source of livelihood for the indigenous people.

Due to the stress/hardship occasioned by depletion of natural resources such as fishes, other aquatic life, Land etc, the people have evolved from peace loving to hostile communities. They have embarked on several protests and kidnappings, the oil companies being primary target in all cases. Working in this area became a risk for the companies. Clean up of polluted sites thus became an almost impossible activity; initiating dialogue with the people became a herculean task because of lack of mutual trust.

In the case of PK26.5 oil spill clean up, several fruitful efforts were made to dialogue with the people, and this resulted in a partnership that saw Elf Petroleum Nigeria Ltd and her Contractor clean up an oil polluted site in this volatile region to the satisfaction of Regulatory authorities. Of the forty-four workers, forty (40) were from the community.

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