This text introduce interception oil-remove new technology developed by Nanjing bidun environmental protection technology Co., Ltd and the equipment “International No.1” used for offshore spilled oil treatment. This equipment adopt interception oil-removal technology, can separate and purify oil-water on site, recycle spilled oil with high quality and speed, meanwhile let the sewage discharge reaching the required standard. This treatment technology is pure physical process without any chemical, so will not cause secondary pollution. Offshore spilled oil treatment equipment”International No.1” can recycle spilled oil as original quality, application range is wide, from crude oil to light oil, and all mineral oil. It applies to oil content from trace to 100 percent; oil gathering concentration ≥95%, oil content of effluent ≤5mg/L. This equipment also has characteristics of small volume and low energy consumption. This equipment was highly evaluated by PCT, and get invention patent license of America, Russia and South Korea, also obtained the "Certificate of Type Approval " issued by IMO and China Classification Society.

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