With the greatly development in offshore gas and oil activity in China, the potential risk of oil spill attract more public attentions. In order to effectively limit the spilling incidence and bring it under control, it is necessary to establish a risk assessment model for offshore petroleum activity and prepare the oil spill response resource in an effective way. In this paper, a quantified risk assessment model, including the spill probability and consequence assessment, was developed using fuzzy comprehensive method. The spill probability assessment was established with view of the operative manual and statistic leakage/damage data of different kinds of offshore petroleum facilities and operation; the consequence assessment was proposed to several factors including the spilling volume, property of spilled oil, spilling location and the elements of spilling detection and controlling capability of operator. Based on the result from risk assessment, we can identify the comprehensive spill risk level (low, ALARP, high) and make a decision whether the response resource allocated to the site could be enough. The multiply oil spill response devices and facilities, especially the oil recovery vessel, were largely used in China and will be expand in future.

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