• Joint program between the U.S. Departments of the Interior and Defense to bring knowledge, expertise and military, low-light level and hyperspectral imaging technologies to remote oil spill detection.

  • Program emphasis is to determine remote infrared imaging techniques for the quantification of oil spill thickness.

  • Spectral characteristics of various crude oils in the SWIR (1–2 microns), MWIR (3–5 microns) and LWIR (8–12 microns) were measured.

  • Analysis of laboratory data and Deepwater Horizon hyperspectral imagery showed the utility of the SWIR region to detect crude oil and emulsions. We have evaluated two SWIR wavelengths (1200 nm and 1250 nm) for thickness assessment.

  • An infrared, 3-color imager is discussed along with field tests at the BSEE's Ohmsett test facility.

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