The Shell Sail and Drill project is a 5 year exploration campaign, capable of operating in all ice-free waters. This multi-region project initiated in 2012, will commence first drilling operations in September 2013. The unique challenges of developing robust preparedness over multiple geographic locations, multiple business units and multiple operators are examined further in this paper. The Sail and Drill project has proactively challenged the conventional approach to oil spill contingency planning. It provides a multi-region integrated suite of emergency response documents. The OSCP delivers the core contingency planning for the drillship and accompanying support vessels These core global documents allow for full buy-in and understanding from the Shell business units involved. This is then supplemented by a wider location-specific plan which addresses oil spill response from strategic management through to operational work activities. Through a series of exercises and workshops, the Sail and Drill OSCP has expanded in remit. This has been achieved by working closely with multiple business units encouraging buy-in to the preparedness planning process across the project. The risks of operating in multiple locations are recognized in the OSCP. Mitigation measures include a comprehensive equipment package, which retains full redundancy and maximum flexibility. This is achieved by providing a robust offshore response capability supplemented by targeted shoreline response packages. Flexibility is achieved by having an equipment selection which covers a wide range of oil types and response site terrains. The structure of the packages provides a roaming offshore package in addition to a pair of enhanced shoreline response packages, capable of leap frogging from location to location. Redundancy is achieved by having sufficient equipment located in-country and in areas of future operations simultaneously. This allows personnel in the new operating locations to become fully competent with the equipment prior to drilling activities commencing. This is supported by a full equipment training and maintenance programme over the duration of the campaign. Over the years, OSRL as an industry operated body has been involved in a wide range of preparedness and response activities, from a large number of operators across the globe. The new approach adopted by the Sail and Drill campaign is unique and offers a new benchmark for all future preparedness and planning.

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