Background: The MC252 oil spill posed a multitude of challenges. There were many areas where data collection was not only needed but a necessity of the operations, situation and planning units. In an effort to fill this need, the leadership of BP purchased a software and hardware solution. This combination of software and hardware did provide a viable solution, but was perhaps not the perfect combination. Lacking proper mobile support for management, support, training and development support, the program stumbled. Results: The Mobile program suffered greatly until Trimble, the manufacturer of the devices, learned of the issues. They then pushed for a management team for the program. The management team underwent many iterations of solution implementation before a solid program of project development, testing, deployment and training was refined. This included coverage of a project development plan, project management, training plan, device inventory management, and remote device management software solution. Conclusions: A model for program implementation and management should be applied to future disasters including a software/hardware purchase matrix, an organization chart inclusion for a mobile administrator/team, standardized data models for projects, project management, change management and training team.

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