Mini SAR was developed for the oil spill monitoring, working on C band, VV polarization, with the weight of 24kg and finest resolution of 0.5m, and could be aboard on manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. The mini SAR made the real time and continual imaging of large coverage available, and recorded the original signals for fine imaging further back to ground. The experiment was carried out in August and September of 2015 in Yantai and Weihai offshore waters, with the mini SAR on board the cruiser of State Oceanic Administration. And images of oil rigs, vessels, floating rafts and oil look likes were acquired with good quality. The images were interpreted and analyzed combing optical images, and the automatic detection of oil slick in mini SAR images was proposed. And it was indicated that the mini SAR provided high quality SAR images, supporting the oil slick detection and marine monitoring. Next the research on real time transmission of oil detection and early warning messages would be carried out to satisfy the time efficiency of oil spill monitoring.

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