The Canadian Coast Guard – United States Coast Guard(CANUS) Joint Marine Contingency Plan (JCP) underwent a major update in 2013and was renewed by both countries. This paper will review changes in the CANUS JCP from a national and regional perspective including the creation of a joint National JCP Committee and exercise program. Successful regional cooperation between the Ninth Coast Guard District and the Canadian Coast Guard Central and Arctic Region has led to recommendations for best practices to the National JCP Committee. The use of an International Coordinating Officer (ICO) position in the CANUS LAK, Great Lakes Region, of the JCP Annex has resulted in increased preparedness to respond to incidents. The ICO position was critical in the recent response of the M/V Argo. The regulatory frameworks of both countries have differences, especially authorities for spill response between the Canadian Coast Guard and the National Energy Board (NEB). These differences will be analyzed for future JCP updates.

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