This research proposes the development of a mapping methodology for establishing the environmental sensitivity to oil to the adjacent terrestrial environments to highways and railways the city of Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil where is located the refinery of REPLAN. This area was selected because REPLAN is the Brazilian biggest refinery in oil processing capacity. The methodology will be based on physiographic compartmentalization technique, applying remote sensing products, which will support the survey of the main types of terrestrial environments present in the study area, relating them to the physical characteristics that directly influence the predictable course of oil. It is due the recurrence of accidents involving oil spills in inland areas, with consequent environmental damage to adjacent environments of highways and railways. Furthermore, there is no consensus on methodological mapping, as there is for coastal environments. Thus, this research aims to seek a detailed knowledge of the study area to contribute to the preparation of the Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping that constitutes a key element to contingency plans.

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