The smallest of the nation's uniformed armed services, the United States Coast Guard's basic missions relate to maritime safety, mobility, and security; national defense, and natural resources protection. It is responsible for enforcement of maritime laws and marine environmental pollution response.

The Coast Guard offers many career opportunities for enlisted personnel, including Marine Science Technician (MST). MSTs conduct marine-safety activities such as investigating pollution incidents and monitoring pollution clean-ups. Possible scientific duties include responding to oil and hazardous-materials spills, observing and forecasting weather.

An increasing number of civilian employers are becoming more aware of the unique strengths former military personnel can bring with them to a consultant position. A consultant is someone who has expertise in a specific area or areas and offers unbiased opinions and advice for a fee.

There are many reasons why the private and public sector need consultants for problem solving. One very important reason; Government regulatory compliance. Government regulations at all levels are constantly changing, and companies are frequently not prepared or trained to comply. Consultants may be retained to provide expertise to assist a company in complying economically, efficiently, and with the least amount of trauma to the organization. They can also be hired to provide in-house training to keep staff informed of new management and supervisory techniques or technical knowledge and to improve employee safety.

Successful consultants often possess certain attributes. They can be identified with good physical and mental health, professional etiquette and courtesy, stability of behavior and self-confident. In addition to these skills, here are two military-related attributes that most companies find attractive and will help any organization simplify the task at hand.

Loyalty to the Team. Military personnel bring with them an intrinsic understanding of how loyalty adds to team proficiency and builds trust in a work environment. For business leaders looking to make an improvement in their company, military personnel often outperform other candidates as proven team players, as demonstrated by hard work, motivation, and dedication.

Reliable Work Ethic. Knowing the importance of adhering to a schedule and consistently performing well at work demonstrates professional maturity. One of the most difficult challenges to hiring professionals is being able to accurately judge candidates in these areas. Through service, training, and lifestyle, former military personnel will typically have the work ethic that any business owner would be thrilled to replicate in all of the organization's employees.

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