In an ongoing effort toward continuous improvement and to strengthen the competencies of personnel assigned within the incident command organization to the Operations and Planning Section, including the Operations Section Chief, Chevron, in collaboration with Nuka Research, developed an Oil Spill Tactics Manual.

This tactics manual is comprised of three main parts:

  • Part 1: Oil Spill Operating Environment Guide

  • Part 2: Oil Spill Response Tactics Guide

  • Part 3: Oil Spill Response Equipment Selection Guide

The objective of the Tactics Manual is to provide the user with a primer on oil spill response concepts, activities, and topics. The manual can be used in develop oil spill contingency plans, tactical response training and exercises, as well as quality ICS 204 Work Assignments during an incident.

This paper describes our approach to developing a standard reference for oil spill response tactics that would complement the company's emergency management culture. The process began by analyzing knowledge and capability gaps across operations and developing a tool that specifically addressed those gaps. The tactics manual has been widely applied during training and exercises, highlighting the importance of socializing plans with their target audience.

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