This abstract will examine the elements of a field deployable inspection application designed to support the U S Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) field mission assignment, through the use of hand held technology. The system is designed to mimic a typical inspection through the use of software applications that replicate hard copy inspection forms. The primary elements of the program are in support of the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) regulations codified in Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 112. These regulations govern prevention related activities, Facility Response Plans (FRPs) reviews and Government Initiated Unannounced Exercises (GIUEs). Accordingly, digital inspection/evaluation forms were created utilizing File Maker Pro development software. The forms have been deployed on Apple's IPAD tablets which allow for the integration of locational attributes of Google maps and the tablet's built in digital camera. A typical inspection will consist of an Administrative Form, Notice of Inspection (NOI), SPCC Inspection checklist, FRP Review checklist, FRP Field checklist, FRP Approval Letters and when applicable a GIUE evaluation forms. These files combine to form a complete inspection folder where it is either closed out as compliant or submitted to enforcement for further deliberation. A typical inspection begins with general inspection data being entered into the Administrative Form. Data entered here auto populates each corresponding inspection form. As an added enhancement, each inspection form can be pre- populated with consistently recorded values. This is generally the case when conducting multiple inspection where the company remains the same and/or the consultant has prepared plans in a uniform/standardized manner. Consequently, both latitudinal/longitudinal attributes are automatically embedded within the application along with photographic data. Upon completion of the inspection, the data is then synchronized with a GoZync Application with File Maker Pro server via WIFI or cellular connection. After file completion and administrative review, the report can be emailed to the recipient in a PDF format.

To date, field trials have been completed on a local level with the expectation that Branch wide deployment will commence in late FY 16. The Agency recently made a nationwide buy of Apple tablets for On Scene Coordinators (OSCs) as well as inspection personnel within the response program. This helped pave the way for new application development and bringing to fruition the Agency's desired mission to perform its duties in a digital environment.

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