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Front Matter

Section I: Evolving Technologies

Session M1A: Remote Sensing
Session T4C: Mechanical Containment and Recovery
Session W1C: Spill Simulation
Session W2C: Geographic Information Systems
Session W3B: Bioremediation
Session W4C: In-Situ Burning
Session Th1B: Chemical Countermeasures I
Session Th2B: Alternative Response Technology
Session Th3C: Chemical Countermeasures II

Section II: Marine Transportation

Session M1B: Salvage
Session T1A: Financial Liabilities
Session W1B: Tanker Routing
Session W2B: Inspection and Maintenance
Session W4B: Prevention

Section III: Fate and Effects in Aquatic Environments

Session M1C: NRDA Implementation Issues
Session T2A: NRDA State Perspectives, Case Studies
Session T3C: Fresh Water Concerns, Planning
Session Th1A: Fresh Water Fate and Effects
Session Th2A: Fate and Effects in Aquatic Environments
Session Th3D: Fresh Water Cleanup, Case Studies

Section IV: Spill Management/Mitigation

Session MID: Command and Control
Session TIB: Preparedness Planning I
Session T3A: Training/Exercises I
Session T4A: Training/Exercises II
Session W1A: Low API Gravity Oils, Response to Oils that Sink
Session W2A: Preparedness/Response
Session W3C: Response Considerations I
Session W3D: The 1993 Tampa Bay Oil Spill
Session W4A: Preparedness Planning II
Session W4D: Response Considerations II
Session Th3B: The Morris J. Berman Spill

Section V: Sustainable Global Preparedness

Session T2B: International Conventions on Funding and Intervention
Session T3D: Industry/Government Cooperation in Planning and Response I
Session T4D: Industry/Government Cooperation in Planning and Response II
Session W3A: International Legal Framework
Session Th3A: Bilateral Regional Agreements


Session T3B: Part I
Session T4B: Part II


Session T2–Chairman
Session T3–Chairman
Session T4–Chairman
Session Wl–Chairman
Session W2–Chairman
Session W3–Chairman
Session W4–Chairman
Late Poster, Session W1
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