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Front Matter

Section I: Monday, March 8, 1999

Session MIA: Planning US3
Session M1B: Spill Funding
Session M1C: Modeling II
Session MID: Spill Management II

Section II: Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Special Session: Large Spill Recovery Efforts
Session T1A: Planning LI
Session TIB: Dispersant Effectiveness
Session TIC: Analytical Chemistry
Session T2A: Team Building
Session T2B: Public Policy I
Session T2C: Modeling I
Session T3A: Preparation Equals Performance
Session T3B: Prevention Initiatives
Session T3C: Exxon Valdez/Recovery
Session T4A: Planning US2
Session T4B: Prevention – Local Efforts

Section III: Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Session W1A: Planning US1
Session W1B: Spill Management/ICS Enhancements
Session W1C: Response II
Session W2A: Bioremediation Microcosm Studies and Nutrient Transport
Session W2B: Environmental Recovery/NRDA
Session W2C: Recovery and Treatment Options
Session W3A: Exercises
Session W3B: Expectations Management
Session W3C: Environmental Effects
Session W4A: Planning L2
Session W4B: Spill Liability
Session W4C: Spill Management I

Section IV: Thursday, March 11, 1999

Session TH1A: Human Health
Session TH1B: Public Policy II
Session TH1C: Response I
Session TH2A: Bioremediation – Fine Particles
Session TH2B: Remote Sensing
Session TH2C: Shared Objectives

Section V: Poster Presentations

Session Tl: Pipelines and Onshore Spills/Information Systems/Planning
Session T2: Wildlife/Dispersants
Session Wl: Bioremediation/Oil Spill Case Studies/Public Relations and Communication/Response and Recovery
Session W2: Physical Dynamics and Hydrology/In Situ Burning
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